About Kuruganga


Kuruvita town is located 85 Km from Colombo, and just 12 Km before RATNAPURA (the Capital City of Sabaragamuwa Province, Sri Lanka), on Colombo Ratnapura road.


Kuru Ganga (Kuru River) stream, starting as “Seetha Gangula” (Cold River) in the hills of “Sri Pada” (also known as Adam’s Peak), runs adjacent to the Kuru Ganga Villa. Kuru Ganga therefore provides a very clean, cold and safe stream of water for bathing to the visitors of Kuru Ganga Villa, which makes the Villa a unique place for relaxing. The location also provides different levels of depths from one foot to fifteen feet with gradual increase, to suite the need and competence (swimming) of the visitor. It also provides a safe location for boating / kayaking. Kuru Ganga is a tributary of the Kalu Ganga.