Day Visits

The Villa has the facility to accommodate a group of visitors for a day outing, with summer huts, out-door showers, changing rooms, day rooms etc. This is ideal for an office team-building program, informal meeting, or a day out.




The Villa provides four family rooms, each with two double beds and a toilet with hot & cold water. Each room can therefore comfortably accommodate 4 adults. Each room has access to the deck, which overlooks the KURU Ganga. The Villa can totally accommodate up to 16 adults.



River Bathing

Adjacent KURU Ganga provides a natural, clean and safe bathing facility, like a natural swimming pool. This is the unique feature of the Villa, which is well appreciated and commended by all visitors to the Villa.



Satellite TV

The Villa visitors can enjoy Satellite TV, and a Blue Ray DVD player too is available for those who wish to relax and watch movies. The visitors should bring their own DVDs.




The Villa has a Game Room that provides games such as follows

 › Carom

 › Playing Cards

 › Checkers

 › Chess



Chef / Kitchen

A well experienced Chef with modern cooking facilities (including BBQ machine) is available to prepare the meals of your choice. Meal Options are given in the Menu.